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How hotels benefit with a contactless service app

Equip your hotel so it’s in the best position to meet industry challenges head on

The travel and hospitality industry is changing with the focus switching from international to national travel, a spotlight on business conferences and trips, plus the introduction of greater safety measurements. High touch service is out, leaving the door open for high tech to step in and provide an altogether different but desired guest experience.

This presents you with a great opportunity to implement a hotel management software and app that satisfies your customers’ needs, provides integrated management tools and puts you a step ahead of the competition.

How to give your hotel the competitive edge

GuestifyU is a hotel management app that gives your hotel contactless service that ticks all the guests’ boxes.
Address physical distancing requirements and the need to reduce high contact points with our hotel service app that allows for contactless services through remote additional requests, room service orders, facility bookings and more.

We are currently working on integrating a fully remote check in/out functionality which should be live very soon.
In addition, it gives you real-time management statistics and history so you can shape and design the perfect guest experience.

Make Business Travel a Pleasure

Essential business travel will remain. The desire for a ‘neutral territory’ in which to hold conferences and business meetings may even increase as remote working becomes the norm.

With the GuestifyU mobile app, hotels will be able to offer remote booking of conference suites and accommodation, with information such as agendas and presentations available online. Post event, guests can make restaurant and spa bookings, order room service or that extra pillow for a great night’s sleep. Find out more about managing business travel with GuestifyU.

Instil confidence in your guests with tailored software solutions that deliver convenience, care and personalised service. Then turn that confidence into customer loyalty.

Improve the Guest Experience

Engage with your guests through the GuestifyU service app, presented on a multilingual platform. Allowing guests to select their language of choice, make mobile payments and very soon also to check in/out remotely which reduces traffic flow and waiting times at the front desk, which in turn provides a seamless guest experience.

Obtain feedback easily through the hotel app. Increased knowledge of guest preferences, common requests and pain points, are all available in real time giving your management team the power to address issues quickly and improve efficiency.

Take advantage of the online satisfaction survey to get to know your guests’ pain points and be able to respond quickly. The App also offers a feedback area, where guests can publish straight to Google and TripAdvisor review sections. Increase your hotel’s visibility and ratings – a key element in driving future sales.

Increased Revenue is Just a Click Away

Publicise your services, facilities and extra amenities through the app and you’re presented with enhanced upsell opportunities.

Show guests what’s available and let them book directly through their own device. Real-time push notifications promote offers which they can take advantage of, even if they’re not physically in the hotel.

With everything held in an integrated CMS – enabling full reporting and analytics – increased staff productivity and efficiency, and an uptick in revenue are expected positive outcomes. Head to the complete list of App features

Go contactless to position your hotel well

Take advantage of tech solutions to meet your guests’ new requirements and put your hotel in the best position for the ‘new normal’.

Ready to transform your hotel guest experience? Contact GuestifyU today and find out how our solutions can provide your guests with touchless connectivity they now expect.